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A Simple Guide to Deskercise

A Simple Guide to Deskercise

Neck Deskercises

Neck Deskercises

Relax and Roll

Stress and anxiety often lead to an aching neck. Poor posture also plays a role. This stretch relieves tension in your neck and surrounding muscles.

Relax your shoulders and let your head roll forward, chin to chest. Slowly rotate your head in a circle without straining your neck. Repeat five times. Relax. Then rotate in the opposite direction and repeat five times. Try not to raise your shoulders as you do this exercise.

Shoulder Deskercizes

Ready For Fight
Your shoulders are the link between the three most common sites of stress-related pain - your head, neck and back. Increasing flexibility in your shoulders will also help with back and neck relaxation.

Sit erect in a chair. Raise your arms so that elbows are flared in an outward position and hands are at shoulder level in front of your body. Keep hands at shoulder level and push your elbows as high as you can, isolating the pressure on your shoulders. Repeat 10 to 15 times. Perform the first few slowly and smoothly, the next few faster and more intense, and the last couple slow and smooth.

Let the Good Times Roll
Your shoulders are one of the most flexible joints in your body, when they are functioning smoothly. Do this shoulder roll at least three times a day to relax your shoulders. You may do this one shoulder at a time, or both together.

Sit or stand tall. Lift your shoulders as high as you can. Bring them forward.
Push them down. Pull your shoulders back, then return to starting position.
Repeat in the opposite direction. Repeat three to five times.

Hand & Wrist Deskercize

Reach Out and Touch Your Fingers
This simple hand exercise will help to increase the mobility of your fingers. It's easily done at your desk several times a day.

Do each hand individually. Touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of each finger in turn, making the circle as round as you can. Straighten your fingers in between touching each finger.

Buttocks Deskercise

Firm Your Fanny

Whether you sit all day or not, buttocks are an area of the body that we often neglect until we notice the area increasing in size! This exercise can be done while sitting in a chair or lying on your back with your knees bent. Do it several times a day to tighten those buttocks and firm your fanny!

Tighten and squeeze your buttocks, hold five to ten seconds, and release.
Repeat six to eight times. Really concentrate on the "squeeze" for maximum results.

Back/Upper Body Deskercise

This simple exercise can help ease the tension in your upper body. Give it a try.

Back/Upper Body

Lets do the Twist

This torso twist stretch for the entire upper body can be done sitting right in your chair at the office. Perform it several times a day, whenever you get that "tense" feeling in your body.

Sit erect in a stationary chair with both feet flat on the floor. Look straight ahead. Slowly tilt your torso to the right as you reach around behind yourself with your right hand. Grasp the top right corner of your chair with your right hand. Complete the stretch by moving your left hand as close as possible to your right hand. Stretch as far as you can and hold it for 15 seconds. Repeat four to six times, twisting left and right, aiming to turn the body a little farther each time.

Hamstring Deskercize

Hamstring Hug
This is a good stretch for your lower body that you can do while sitting. Not only does it stretch your hamstrings - the group of muscles in the backs of your legs and above the knees, but you will also feel it working your quadriceps in the fronts of your legs.

Sit back and place your hands under your right thigh. Pull knee toward chest then extend the leg straight in front of you as far as you can. Repeat with your other leg. Do three to five times with each leg.