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February 2012 Edition
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Hi Reader,

It's February. How are you doing with your resolution to be more organized and efficient in the New Year?

If only you had more time in the work day, right? Chances are, you do.

Without working overtime or waving a magic wand, you can create more hours in a day. How?

This month in Great Ideas, we'll show you how to find the time you need to reclaim your work week and get your job done--leaving you more time to enjoy your life.

I hope you enjoy the article, and don't hesitate to let me know if you'd like more tips on time management.


Melisa Bedunah
Personnel Services

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Stop the Time Thieves

Do you work 40 hours a week, but feel like you need 50 to get the job done? Do you always feel like you're falling behind?

That's no surprise. Nationwide surveys have found that the average employee wastes approximately two hours of every work day. Multiply that by five days a week, and you'll see why you feel like you need a 50-hour work week.

In this article, we'll show you how to identify--and alter--those activities that are draining precious minutes from your day.

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